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12 May 2009 Mother Son Fuck, Mother Teaches Son Sex

Every guy dreams about sex with his mom if she kind, beautiful and sexy. Nick’s mother Kelly is a very beautiful redhead mature woman with angel face, amazing tits and incredibly round ass with so hot puffy butts!
Kelly always takes an active part in upbringing her son, so when he grows up she has to teach him sex and all this intimate things. She thought a plan how to seduce her son long ago and just was waiting for the right moment.

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When she noticed that her boy took an interest in pornography and girls, Kelly decided to act. One day before lunch she offered her son a glass of wine and when he drank it, she looked in Nick’s eyes and started to stroke his pants near the penis while it became stiff and strong. After that was a really tender mom son kiss. Then she exposed her wet pink pussy and gave it to her son and Nick began to kiss and lick mom’s hot pussy!

After a short cockmeat sucking mother pushed boy’s erect thirsty penis in her warm pussy and mom son fuck began. With such hot woman any guy would cum fast, so after two minutes guy spread his hot cum over mother’s tits. In spite of it was a true mom son taboo both of them was happy and satisfied!

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2 Apr 2009 Mother Son Blowjob, Mother Son Fuck

That evening Merry was in a very playful mood and she was lying on the bed without any dress or pants, when her son entered the room. He was shocked a little when saw his mother in black tight panties. Merry noticed it and decided to act – she took his hand and started to pull him into the bed. Her son resisted a little, but a mom’s amazing white juicy round ass was so sexy and hot, that boy gave in to his lust and desire.

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Mommy jumped over him and started to lick his nice pink lips and after it was real passionate mother son incest kissing. Merry was aroused high and began to take off son’s pants and stroke his shy dick. Then kinky mother gave son blowjob with a really deep throat and he was almost ready to cum, but Merry stopped and kissed him again. When he cooled down a little, she laid on her back, spread her legs wide and showed her cute boy wet pussy.

He put his lips and tongue on her pussy lips and started licking her out. Than he lied down on his mom and slowly put his cock inside her pussy. Merry was high and happy about this first mother son incest sex in her boring life.

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